After Quack opened his eyes, way too early yet again, he lay in bed and reflected on his day yesterday.  He also reflected back upon the last week, last month and last year.  This crazy thing called SFAC has been an absolutely insane ride.  A ride that some movie scripts would be jealous of.  It’s at this time, that Quack would like to share with you some of the things he’s thankful for.

While starting a business from a pretty wild idea in your head can be viewed by many as “crazy,” Quack has never wavered on his beliefs.  Waking up every morning with a burning desire to make the world a better, more fun and enjoyable place is a great way to live.  Many people never dare to step outside their comfort zone.  Some people dare to dream.  Dare to do something considered “crazy” by others.  Everyone should find their true passion in life.  Not only find it, but pursue it.  We only get once chance at this short silly dance called “life.”  Why not spend as much time as possible doing what you truly enjoy?  Quack is thankful for feeling that desire each and every day.

Quack spent the day yesterday on two different football fields and then the rest of the day with his family.  Both football games were filled with genuine people getting together to share positive experiences with one another.  There was a ton of laughter and just as much high-fiving of “opponents.”  Being a part of both games, surrounded by good people was a morning to be thankful for.

After a quick shower, he was off to be with his family.  Everyone shared food, games, laughter and love.  QTD is extremely thankful to have a family that is real and genuine.  A family that understands what is important to them.  He’s also extremely thankful to have their support as he chases his dreams in life.  If you can play games and make new friends as an adult, what is better than that?  Over the last 15 months, Quack has met more new friends than he ever dreamed possible.  There are so many people out there, just looking for ways to have more fun in their lives.  So many great, kind hearted people that just like to have fun and help others.  Quack is extremely thankful to have so many new friends in his life.

Quack is also incredibly thankful that he has had the foresight to document everything from the past year.  Thankful to have mental clarity and patience.  Although the past year has tested his patience, he kept calm and kept true to his values and ethics.  He’s extremely thankful that as the story of the last year is told, that all the hard work, effort, and genuine nature of his ideas are all paying off.  In the end of every feel good movie script, in the end of every well-written novel, the good guys always win.  And for that, Quack is thankful.

Keep It Real.  And Keep It Fun!

Quack The Duck