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Flag Football

Providence, Rhode Island

FlagFootballRental-001Flag Football – Rhode Island Flag Football

SFAC Rhode Island Flag football is an adult social sport that can be played in many forms.  And one thing SFAC believes in is indeed variety.  We always like to keep things fresh and fun.  From the same group that brings you GLOW in the Dark sports like dodgeball, kickball and volleyball, beach dodgeball, water volleyball and everything in between, we also offer several forms of adult flag football as well.

While we don’t currently offer indoor flag football in Rhode Island, we do run adult flag football fundraisers and outdoor flag football seasons.  We have games played both on grass and on sand.  There’s just something Super Fun about playing organized football on a beach with waves crashing alongside the plays!

Our outdoor flag football leagues are run in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.  Just like all SFAC social sports, flag football has it’s own unique rules.  The Super Fun Activities Club doesn’t just play social sports, we make them even more social and even more fun!  It’s what we’re all about.  If you’re looking for a standard flag football league with a bunch of dudes trying to prove they should have made the high school all star team, this isn’t the place for you.  If you’re looking for a healthy game of flag football as an adult, welcome to SFAC.  If you think you’ll be the best player in the league, you won’t be.  If you’re afraid of being the worst, don’t worry at all.  Just bring a good attitude and come play some football.  If you’re generally a pain in the ass or like to argue, please find another league.  They’ll probably love to have you 🙂 

We have plenty of former college players and some players just trying football out for the first time.  And everything in between.  Come play some healthy and enjoyable football with SFAC!

Rhode Island Adult Co-ed Flag Football

Like all our other adult social sports leagues, flag football is co-ed and for adults (21 plus).  Our leagues are all 21 plus for the sole reason that they are sponsored by bars.  The only thing adult-like about our social sports leagues is the age of the players.  We aim to bring out the inner child in everyone!  

Just another friendly reminder, SFAC flag football is a social sport.  Nobody is going pro in flag football anytime soon.  So be nice, play fair, and be honest.  The friendships you make on the field will carry over off the field and will last much longer than any score on the scoreboard.  Afterall, it’s just a game.

Flag Football League Play Format:

  • 8 vs 8  (rosters should consist of 12 players)
  • All genders are welcomed on the field at all times
  • Two 25 minute halves 
  • The team with the higher score at the end of the game is the winner 😉

The Super Fun Activities Club is an adult sports and social club that brings fun people together around sporting and social events.  We are a new and fun way to network and interact with friends and future friends while getting exercise.  SFAC offers dodgeball, volleyball, GLOW In The Dark Sports, flag football, kickball, soccer, ultimate frisbee and many more sports.  SFAC hosts Adult Egg Hunts, Sunday FUNday Beach Parties with Beach Dodgeball Tournaments, Pumpkinpalooza, Lazer Tag, and Chubby Bunny Food Tastings.  SFAC also attends concerts, comedy shows, wineries, breweries and more.  Haven’t joined SFAC yet, what are you waiting for?  Start having more fun today!

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