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Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Softball

Stop right there.  Before we go any further.  Let’s get this clear.  There is a HUGE difference between “softball” and “SFAC Softball.”  WeProvidence Softball - Adult Co-ed Adult Social Sports cannot stress this enough.  If you are some try hard tool bag that is still delusional enough to think that somehow the outcome of a softball game still matters, please leave right now.  We don’t want you in SFAC.  There are plenty of other leagues that would be happy to have you and all your amazing softball skills.  We’re not one of them.  We are an adult social club “For Fun People Only” and we mean it.  If you want to play with us, you need to understand that these silly childhood games that we play don’t mean a damn thing.

This is your last chance to get out.  If you think we’re kidding, we are not.  If you show up and try too hard, care too much, care or argue about being safe or out, you will not fit in!  We promise!

SFAC Softball – The Most Fun Softball in Rhode Island

If you are still reading, welcome to the most fun softball league you will ever play in.  We are not traditional softball.  Why?  Because we find traditional softball boring and well, kind of lame.  It’s just not for us.  Like everything we do, we like to spice things up a bit and make them way more fun and entertaining.  If variety is the spice of life, SFAC is like a completely filled spiced rack with every single variety on Earth!  There’s nothing boring or “normal” around these parts!  It’s also why we are the fastest growing, largest fun social sports club around!

Rhode Island Softball - Adult Co-ed Social SoftballThis version of Rhode Island Softball opens your mind to just how fun softball can be.  Sometimes you’ll be running the bases backwards.  You might be holding hands with another teammate going around the basepaths.  There are oversized balls some innings.  We’re talking super huge balls – SFAC’s favorite kind!  We also use soft, foam like softballs.  If you have absolutely no softball experience, there’s no need to worry about getting hit with a traditional softball.  We have some fielders that play without using gloves.

The most accurate way to describe SFAC Softball (the most fun Rhode Island Softball league in existence.  It’s possibly the most fun softball league in the world, but we don’t want to go overboard.  But it probably is.) is to say “it’s like being at a super dope party where there also happens to be something mildly resembling softball going on.”  If this all sounds appealing to you, then welcome to the #SuperFunLife.  If you think this sounds stupid and you’re way too cool for us, you are 100% correct.  Please take all your coolness and go play somewhere else!Warwick Softball - Adult Co-ed Social Sports

SFAC Softball League Play Format:

  • Rosters of 15 or more
  • Teams are Co-ed
  • Games are 6 innings
  • Team with the higher score wins 😛

The Super Fun Activities Club is a sports and social club that brings fun people together around sporting and social events.  We are a new and fun way to network and interact with friends and future friends while getting exercise.  SFAC offers dodgeball, volleyball, GLOW In The Dark Sports, flag football, kickball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, softball and many more sports.  SFAC hosts Adult Egg Hunts, Sunday FUNday Beach Parties with Beach Dodgeball Tournaments, NERF Wars, Pumpkinpalooza, Lazer Tag, and Chubby Bunny Food Tastings.  SFAC also attends concerts, comedy shows, wineries, breweries and more.  Haven’t joined SFAC yet, what are you waiting for?  Start having more fun today!

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2021 Outdoor Fall


Mickey Stevens Field B, Warwick, RI

2021 Outdoor Fall


Dennis O’brien Field, Pawtucket