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Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Yogeyball

Stop right there.  Before we go any further.  Let’s get this clear.  There are few “sports” on Earth that are any sillier than SFAC YogeyBall.  In fact, YogeyBall may just very well be the absolutely most silly sport on the planet.  So if it’s silly and it’s run by SFAC, it’s got to be great.  But, what makes YogeyBall even better?  We get to play as adults!

Naturally, some of you are wondering “What the Hell IS YogeyBall?”  Great question!  SFAC YogeyBall is somewhat similar to volleyball.  But in YogeyBall, instead of using your body to hit the volleyball, all players hold a yoga exercise ball and they use the yoga ball to hit the volleyball back and forth.  Think it sounds easy?  Well, it is easy to hit the volleyball.  It is not easy to hit it straight!  The challenge of controlling where the ball goes keeps you coming back for more!  It’s certainly something that takes practice to get better at.  SFAC YogeyBall is always run on sand courts at bars.  So if you’re going to get better at it, it might as well be at a bar!

Like Volleyball, But Sillier!

How is YogeyBall played?  Six players are on the court in a normal volleyball rotation.  In order to serve, the player in the right front row court position tosses the ball back to the player in the right back row position.  The back row player bumps the ball over the net with their yoga ball.  If the ball isn’t going to make it over the net we allow the serving team to aid the ball over with one more hit.  We don’t allow teams to use this as a set play, but rather simply to help the ball get over the net.  Once the ball is in play, it’s played just like volleyball.  Teams have 3 “bumps” or hits to get the ball back over to their opponent’s side.  If a player loses control of their yoga ball (it happens often), they are allowed to use their head to hit the ball.  They are not allowed to use any other body parts other than their head to hit the game ball.  Play continues until one team reaches 25 points (must win by 2 OR get to 30).  Teams switch sides after each game.  Sets are best of 3 or until allotted time runs out.  If the score is 2-0, the third game can be played with mixed teams.

As you can already tell, this game is amazingly silly and often results in hysterical laughter!  This “sport” is clearly For Fun People Only!  There are no people that should ever take YogeyBall too seriously in life.  It’s purely a Shenanigan Sport, the best kind of sport!

Do you have the balls to play YogeyBall?  We do!

SFAC YogeyBall League Play Format:

  • 6 vs 6  (Rosters of 8 or more)
  • Teams are Co-ed
  • Games are played to 25 (must win by 2 OR get to 30)
  • Best of 3
  • Team with the higher score wins 😛

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