Membership: How It Works


An SFAC Membership is absolutely FREE!  Just sign-up using the form here and we will start sending you awesome emails about upcoming sports leagues, events, and other info on how to get more involved.  Just be sure to check your email after signing up to confirm you’re on the list!

Step 2: Receive Emails About Events & Leagues


Check Your Email!


Now that you’re all signed-up, you should receive an email from our activities coordinator, Quack The Duck, telling you more about how to live the #SuperFunLife.   If you don’t receive this email, please check your ‘Junk’ mail folder and mark any SFAC emails in there as ‘Not Junk’. If you are using Gmail, be sure to move all SFAC emails out of your updates or promotions folder too!

Step 3: Register For Upcoming Sports Leagues

Free Agent

Don’t care who you play with?  Select the “Assign me to any team” option during registration and we will assign you to a team looking for players.

Be A Captain!

Want to bring together a full squad? Select the “Start my own team” option during registration, and tell your friends the team name so they can join!

Join A Team

Want to play with your friends? Select the “Request to join an existing team” option during registration and we will put you with your team of choice.

Step 4: Find More Fun

Now that you’re all signed-up for our leagues, it’s time to dive into more fun! Follow us on social media to stay up to date on everything SFAC. Not all of our events are in our emails, some are only on Facebook.