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Providence, Rhode Island

SFAC Pickleball – Providence, RI

Welcome to Pickleball – the fastest growing sport in America!

SFAC runs two separate forms of Pickleball.  We have an Intro To Pickleball and a 3.5 Ladder League.  Intro to Pickleball is geared toward people that have limited experience but are interested in learning the game.  This is the perfect place to get started with the game!  Over the course of the season, players will learn how to play, keep score, hit different shots, and game strategy.  Each week, players learn new skills and can implement them into their game.  By the end of the session, players will have a solid foundation for their pickleball future!

SFAC Pickleball 3.5 Ladder – Many people know this style of pickleball as “King/Queen Of The Court” or “Ladder.”  In our opinion, this is absolute most fun format for the game.  In order to play in this league, players should be at the 3.5 level.  Don’t need to be a pro, but do need to know your way around the court, fully understand how to score and have a strong grasp on the rules of the game, and know what a “3.5” means.  All courts will play games starting at the same time.  Winners move up a court and losers move down a court.  It is nonstop pickleball action for everyone as you go up and down the ladder.  You’ll play with and against everyone in the league over the course of the season!

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Week Day:


2024 Outdoor Spring

Wednesdays (3.5 Ladder)

Downtown PVD