About SFAC

What is SFAC?

SFAC is the Super Fun Activities Club.  Technically, SFAC is a sports and social club.  Even more specifically, we are a Rhode Island sports and social club.  Being classified as a sports and social club is pretty broad and can be somewhat misleading because there are plenty of sports and social clubs that certainly aren’t SFAC.  We are so much more than just a run of the mill sports and social club!   We are a group of fun “adults” that love to be social, play games, attend events and make new friends.  SFAC runs super fun social sports leagues in sports like kickball, volleyball, dodgeball, flag football, soccer, frisbee and more.  We also run social events like Laser Tag, trips to wineries, breweries, comedy shows and concerts.  We throw huge beach parties as part of our Sunday Funday series.  We have GLOW in the Dark dodgeball, volleyball and kickball parties.SFAC Glow Sports  SFAC has annual pumpkin carving contests (PUMPKINPALOOZA), beach football fundraisers, ugly sweater bowling fundraisers, trampoline dodgeball events and more.  If being super active isn’t up your alley, we also have dessert and food tastings as part of our Chubby Bunny club!  No matter what we are doing, SFAC is all about surrounding ourselves with good, kind, genuine and fun people.  Life is way too short to surround yourself with jerks.  So join SFAC and come meet some of your new best friends!  SFAC Laser Tag Rhode Island

SFAC – Things we are:

Fun.  It’s a requirement.  You need to be 21 and fun!
Active.  SFAC constantly has opportunities to get involved in different activities.  Members can be as active as they choose to be.
-Genuine.  SFAC is about surrounding yourself with good people that don’t take life too seriously.  We are all about acting like a kid, playing, being silly and fun.  Be who you are!  Don’t try to be somebody else, they are already taken!
-Caring.  SFAC is a proud business sponsor of Save The Bay.  We collect money for Save The Bay year round.  We also help run and participate in multiple beach clean ups each year.  In the Winter, we also raise money for Toys for Tots.
-Local.  SFAC is a locally owned and operated Rhode Island sports and social club.  We care about our community and our members!  Money spent with SFAC stays in Rhode Island.
-Honest.  We play all of our sports leagues without referees.  When you play with honest people, there’s no need for refs.  And you won’t find more well organized, well-run social sports leagues around.

SFAC Dodgeball Ducks Out For Harambe
SFAC – Things we are NOT:

-Serious.  If you take yourself too seriously, we are definitely not the place for you.  Lighten up.  Loosen up.  And start having more fun in life.
-Competitive.  We understand that some people take games very seriously.  And that’s fine for some people.  But not with us.  We are playing children’s games and it doesn’t really matter whether you win or lose.  The relationships and bonds you form with other people in SFAC are way more important than the scoreboard at the end of a social sporting event.
-Cheaters.  If you think it’s appropriate or acceptable to cheat in a children’s game, SFAC is NOT the place for you.  The great news for you is that there are leagues that would love to take your money and have you play with them.  So by all means, cheaters please go elsewhere.
-Out of State.  At SFAC, we believe it makes sense that a Rhode Island sports and social club should actually be owned in Rhode Island.  The money spent with a Rhode Island sports and social club should actually stay in Rhode Island.  It shouldn’t be syphoned out of the state!  Let’s stick together and care about the state we call home!
-Dishonest.  If you have a tendency to bend the rules or flat out lie about what is happening in a social sports game, you are not welcomed in SFAC.  You won’t fit our culture.  But, again, great news, other leagues would love to have you!

SFAC GLOW NERF WarsSo after all this, you must be wondering “this whole SFAC thing sounds super fun (unless you aren’t fun and you already stopped reading), but something this amazingly awesome must be crazy expensive, right?”  Read on.

What does it cost to become a member?

NOTHING.  It’s completely free.  There are no strings attached.  Just sign up on our Membership Page and start receiving emails about upcoming events and leagues.  Many members were searching for a way to meet new people outside of their work environment.  Have you ever said “I want to do something fun, something different tonight.  I’m sick of going to the same places”?  You’re not alone!  Sign up today and start getting involved in local Super Fun activities while you make new friends that share the same passion for good times.Trampoline Dodgeball

Step 1:  Sign up!!!
Step 2:  Receive emails about event & league announcements
Step 3:  Register for events and leagues
Step 4:  Have fun and make new friends

 It’s about time you started having fun……Super Fun!!!

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