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Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Kickball – Indoor & Outdoor Kickball

Kickball is a simple childhood game we all know and love.  While there are plenty of Rhode Island kickball leagues in and around SFAC Indoor Kickball - Money SquadProvidence, there are none quite like SFAC kickball.  We only do sports and leagues that we can make unique and our own.  And kickball is no exception!

We are the FIRST sports and social club in the area to offer Indoor Kickball.  And we also have GLOW in the Dark Kickball!  We completely understand that plain old kickball can be boring and has too much standing around and downtime…but you haven’t played SFAC Kickball yet.  It’s a common occurrence for people to be laughing too hard to run and laughing until they’re crying.Rhode Island Indoor Kickball - Angela Lomuscio

Look, we get it!  There are some pretty dope leagues out there and we support them.  We encourage our members to also participate in PKL.  They get that kickball should be filled with shenanigans and not 30 year old tool bags trying way too hard at a children’s game.  SFAC Kickball is a nice introductory sport for new people.


Kickball League Play Format:

  • Outdoor 12 v 12 / Indoor 8 v 8
  • Teams are Co-ed
  • Games are 6 innings
  • Team with the higher score wins 😛Indoor Kickball Rhode Island - Joe Simeone

The Super Fun Activities Club is a sports and social club that brings fun people together around sporting and social events.  We are a new and fun way to network and interact with friends and future friends while getting exercise.  SFAC offers dodgeball, volleyball, GLOW In The Dark Sports, flag football, kickball, soccer, ultimate frisbee and many more sports.  SFAC hosts Adult Egg Hunts, Sunday FUNday Beach Parties with Beach Dodgeball Tournaments, Pumpkinpalooza, Lazer Tag, and Chubby Bunny Food Tastings.  SFAC also attends concerts, comedy shows, wineries, breweries and more.  Haven’t joined SFAC yet, what are you waiting for?  Start having more fun today!

Rhode Island Indoor Kickball Pics:

Rhode Island Outdoor Kickball Pics:

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