SFAC Summer 2018 Captains Rewards


Want to captain an SFAC social sports team?  We take care of our captains!  The first 8 captains from each Summer league to have their entire team registered will each receive half of their registration fee back in the form of DUCK BUCKS!  Use those DUCK BUCKS to play even more SFAC Sports!  It literally pays to be a captain 🙂

What constitutes a “full team” for the purposes of the Captains’ Reward Program?  Check out the graphic below.  Please note that some of these sports can have more players on their rosters, but these are the thresholds at which we will issue the captains’ rewards.  For example, flag football has 12 players per roster, but we will reward the first 8 captains that have at least 10 teammates registered.

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SFAC Summer 2018 Sports Chart


After receiving plenty of questions and inquiries, we made this chart!  If you’re looking to play multiple SFAC sports on the same night this Summer, this chart makes the options easy for you!  Some multi-sport combinations are not available due to timing.  But some are!  The chart answers ALL your multi-sport questions!  If you’re looking to play a sport and be on the sand at a bar, the Summer of 2018 is the time to do it!!!

Have other questions?  Find an answer of the FAQ page!

SFAC Summer 2018 Sports Chart




Reviver Challenge Mud Dodgeball Fundraiser – North Smithfield, Rhode Island

Putting the “FUN” in FUNdraising

In early Fall of 2016, the Super Fun Activities Club received an email asking us if we would like to participate in a  “mud dodgeball fundraiser.”  We knew two things immediately: 1)  We love dodgeball and 2)  We love raising money for worthy causes.  After a brief back and forth to gather more information about the dodgeball tournament, SFAC decided we would enter a team in the Reviver Challenge Mud Dodgeball fundraiser held at Goodwin Farm in North

Before things got MUDDY

Before things got MUDDY

Smithfield, RI.  On September 24, 2016 SFAC got down and dirty in the mud and walked away as the Mud Dodgeball champions.  There were several things that stood out to us about this event.  It had the potential to be an unbelievably cool day.  The general public cheats way too much at dodgeball and sucks much of the fun out of the game.  But, all things considered, it was a very fun day and we helped Reviver Challenge raise money.  So that was a win.

Fast forward a year.

We received a phone call that the woman that runs Reviver Challenge is interested in partnering with SFAC in order to help make the dodgeball portion of the day more legitimate.  After learning about “this woman,” we found out that Catherine Szetela Reyes is an extremely kind, charitable, ambitious and fun person.  We spoke with her for an hour on the

The After Shot

The After Shot

phone and shared with her some ideas to improve upon the Mud Dodgeball tournament.  Shortly thereafter, we met in person at The Beef Barn, a staple in the North Smithfield community for years.  From that moment on, SFAC and the Reviver Challenge were working together to make the Mud Dodgeball tournament bigger, better and more fun than ever before.

After it was all said and done:

  • We raised more money than in any previous year.
  • We met some of the most generous volunteers on the face of the planet.  Not only did they donate their time, they also got wet and muddy!
  • Every single participant got to play a minimum of 8 games of dodgeball (1/2 the teams played 3 games total in previous years)
  • We significantly reduced the amount of cheating from the previous year and we held players accountable for their actions.
  • We made memories together that will last forever, all while helping those in need.

Looking to run a Dodgeball Fundraiser or Company / Corporate Dodgeball Party in Rhode Island?

Look no further!  When it comes to the local dodgeball scene, the Super Fun Activities Club has all your answers.

Jump if you had fun!!!

Jump if you had fun!!!

We run:

  • Dodgeball Fundraisers
  • Corporate Dodgeball Events
  • GLOW in the Dark Dodgeball
  • Adult Dodgeball Leagues
  • Indoor and Outdoor Dodgeball Parties
  • Beach Dodgeball Parties



Rhode Island Dodgeball – Providence, RI

Rhode Island Dodgeball - Providence - Dodgeball Tournament

Quack is Ready for Dodgeball!!!!



SFAC runs dodgeball leagues year round!  Indoor, Outdoor and Sand Leagues.  Click here to see leagues underway and upcoming!!!!


Quack is proud to introduce SFAC’s first dodgeball league in Providence.  The league will run on Monday nights from 7-9pm in Providence and will be pickup style.  The rosters will get shuffled up every week so all members get to play with everyone else and make lots of new friends.

The number of spots available are limited for this league and there are several options to join the league.  Players can buy a ticket for admission for one night of dodgeball.  Or purchase a Season Ticket.

South County Rhode Island Dodgeball - Opening Lineup

All Ready to Go!

Season Ticket for all 8 Mondays of Dodgeball (plus free admission to TWO Friday Night Shenanigans parties (Oct 23 & Nov 20 and otherwise $12/ea) with Dodgeball, Kan Jam, Cornhole, Beach Pong, Polish Horseshoes and more) (Purchase your ticket before noon on Monday Oct 5 and get a free SFAC tee shirt)

This Providence Rhode Island Dodgeball League will take place from 7-9pm at The MET School gym located at 325 Public Street, Providence, RI 02905.  Even if you’re not from Rhode Island, you are more than welcome to get in on this Rhode Island dodgeball action!!!

SFAC uses soft foam dodgeballs that don’t hurt when you get hit.