Frequently Asked Questions

What is SFAC and how does it work?





SFAC is a club based solely for adults that are at least 21 and are Super Fun!  If you’re not 21 & fun, you’re out of luck!  We run sports leagues, social events and some 1 day events.  Most of our sports leagues are team based for a full season.  If you’d like to play with us, register for a sport and get involved!

SFAC is so much more than just sports.  It’s equally as important to come to the sponsor bar afterwards to socialize and get to know teammates and opponents alike.  If you want SFAC to be just a sports league, that’s fine.  But you will get way more out of your experience if you put in the effort to socialize and meet more people.  The SFAC community is by far the most welcoming and friendly social sports community in Rhode Island.  By A LOT!

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I registered for a sport. Now what?
We appreciate your patience!  Sit tight.  Invite your fun friends and/or coworkers to join you.  We get rosters and schedules built as rapidly as possible, but it’s not as easy as it seems.  We will always post rosters (in a league email) and schedules (on the registration page) the day before the seasons start at the latest.  When players register late, we sometimes have to shift rosters around.  Instead of announcing them, having something change, and then re-announcing them, we just announce them one time once they are finalized.  It’s not our first rodeo.  You’re in good hands.  Thank you for your patience.

What NOT to do?  Email or call us asking about what to do next!  Please just read the paragraph above and be reassured that you’ll be notified via email about your roster and schedule.  Make sure you’re checking your Spam folder!

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The season is already going. Can I still join?
It depends!  Some of our sports sell out.  Some sports have more room on rosters.  If the sport is sold out, no you may not still register.  If there are still spots available, yes you may register.

We allow brand new people to come test out a night for free (if there is room on a roster).  You need to give us advanced notice.  Please don’t just show up and expect to play.  Once you have played a night for free, you are eligible to register for the remainder of the season.

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What Is The Substitute Policy?



Inevitably, substitute players are needed from time to time.  Not having enough players leads to forfeits and nothing kills leagues like forfeits.  In order to avoid having teams forfeit, we allow subs.  Who is eligible to sub?  Anyone that has never played the sport with SFAC before!  For example, if you’ve never played SFAC Dodgeball before and a team needs a sub, you can play for the night.  If dodgeball is still looking for a sub later in the season, you are no longer eligible to sub.  But you can sign up and play!  

If you have never participated in SFAC before, you must sign the online waiver before playing.  Pretty simple!

If you have already played in SFAC or already subbed once, you can sub again for $10.  We do not allow frequent or permanent free subs.  If you don’t want to pay $10 to sub for a night, just sign up!

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*Substitutes are never allowed for playoff games, under any circumstance.


I've subbed once for free, now what?

At SFAC, we are one of the only organizations that allows you to sub on your first night FOR FREE!  This allows you to test out what our leagues are like before committing for a season.  This also allows us to make sure you’re the right fit for SFAC 😉  SFAC isn’t for everyone.  We’re #ForFunPeopleOnly!

Once you have already subbed on your first night, you can register for a season.  If you won’t/can’t commit to a season and only want to continue to sub, you can pay $10 per game.  We highly discourage players from only wanting to sub because they miss out on the true SFAC experience.  SFAC is SO much more than just silly sports.  And by subbing, you miss that experience.  But if that’s your choice, you can pay a $10 per game fee to sub.  If you already play in SFAC and want to come “sub” for a night, you can do so for $10.  Or you can just register for that sport.

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I tried social sports with another organization and was extremely disappointed. How can I be assured that SFAC is any better?

We hear this at least once a week and it makes us sad 🙁  There are some terrible social sports companies out there.  They are strictly all about money and they are amazingly unorganized.  Some of the companies that operate in Rhode Island are based out of state, and it shows.  We wouldn’t mind so much except they ruin expectations for social sports here in Rhode Island.  We can assure you, we don’t just say we’re fun, we actually ARE fun!  We encourage people to ask any current SFACer what they think of SFAC.  Let them tell you!  Read our reviews on Facebook.  We are all about having the right kind of people and getting silly.  If you try too hard or care too much you probably won’t like it.  If you’re silly and fun and want to meet cool people, SFAC is the place to be!

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What is the average age of your group?
We don’t care about age, at all!  All you have to be is 21 and fun.  We are much more about attitude than age.  We have players that have just turned 21 and players in their 60s.  And everything in-between.  If you’re THAT concerned about age, 1) get over it 2) come play!  We honestly and truly don’t give a flying duck about how old you are!

And if you still really need an answer, here’s some broad strokes defining our members.  The average member is somewhere in their early 30s and works a 9-5 job.  Our members are slightly older than players in most traditional sports leagues.  Our members are also more intelligent than the average social sports players.  Wanna play in leagues with a bunch of dummies?  Go play somewhere else!  Our players are smart enough to realize that we’re playing children’s games and none of this stuff matters 🙂  And they’re also way more fun than most sports leagues.  In conclusion, if you’re that worried about age, don’t be!

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How competitive are your leagues?

Well, we’re called the “Super Fun Activities Club!”  That should answer the question already.  But somehow, we still get this question quite a bit.  SFAC is built around getting good, fun quality people together.  Do we care about winning games?  Of course!  Are we ever jerks about it?  No!  We see the bigger picture in life.  Do we have extremely talented athletes?  Yes!  Do we have people that have never played a sport before in their lives?  Sure do!  Do we have washed up former athletes that still try way too hard, argue, swear and demonstrate poor sportsmanship?  Hell No!  Those idiots can go play in another league.  And they do!  Works great for us 🙂 Register for sports here! 

How can social sports sell out?
Great question!  We get this a lot.  While some less than reputable organizations will overstuff rosters and take playing time away from their members, we think it’s flat out just wrong to do that.  There are leagues out there putting 12 players on a volleyball roster.  To us, that’s criminal!  We cap our leagues so you’ll never have too many players (unless you specifically request to have more players).  Want to avoid missing out on a sold out league?  Register early!

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I don't know anybody. Can I sign up alone?
Absolutely!  Many people do 🙂  If you’re brand new to the area, just got out of a relationship and need to meet some new people, or just looking to do something different, there are plenty of people that sign up without knowing anybody else.  And that changes right away as our leagues are extremely welcoming and friendly!

We also have friend groups that sign up and play together.  So if you want to play with a group of friends, you simply list their names in the appropriate field during the registration process.

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What Team Am I On?
If you requested to be placed on a specific team during registration, you should be all set.  We will do our best to place you on that team.  Placement is never guaranteed, but we always do our best to keep everyone together 🙂

If you signed up as a Free Agent, we will be waiting for league registration to close before placing you on a team.  After registration closes, we will distribute Free Agents to teams that need players.  This may take right up until the day before the league starts.  We thank you in advance for your patience!

The league rosters are distributed via email about a day before the league starts.  Please be sure to check your email and your Spam folder!  Please DO NOT contact us asking what team you’re on!  You’ll find out.  Be patient 🙂

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What Happens If It Rains / Snows?
Please DO NOT email, call, text, FB message us asking what is going on with the weather!  We are also aware of what’s going on and we’re working with gyms, parks & rec departments etc to make the calls.  When we make the call, we notify captains first.  If a game is cancelled, we alert captains, update the facebook event, and when feasible we send league emails and update the online schedule.

We are not in the business of making you stand outside in bone-chilling cold or freezing rain.  With that said, we will do our absolute best to track the weather and make appropriate decisions regarding cancellations.

All games are subject to changes due to weather, and we will reschedule when possible.  There are circumstances when rescheduling is simply impossible due to date/field/gym restrictions.  We always do our best to give our members the best possible experience.  However, some things (like weather), are out of our hands.

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Can I Sign Up With Friends?
Absolutely!  If you have a group of friends that would all like to play together, simply register and list your friend(s) names in the appropriate field during the registration process.  Please note that if you are signing up for an almost sold out league, this may not be possible.  This is rare, but it can happen.  Best solution?  Sign up early!

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Do I need a full team to register?


Absolutely not!  While we have some teams register as an entire team, most of our players register as individuals or small groups.  If you have a full team already, fantastic!  We’ll keep you together.  If you don’t have a full team, we’ll pair you up with others in the same position as you.  Many people make their new best friends from being randomly paired together.  Which isn’t surprising considering SFAC is all about having the right kind of people as members.  #NoToolbags!!!  Tool bags go play somewhere else!

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What are Bar Olympics?
BAR OLYMPICS are epic season end parties that SFAC throws for all participants for the season.  They are a “thank you” to everyone for playing in SFAC.  There are few events quite like it.  You must register for the event in advance and you are only eligible if you played in the season.  Non-SFAC members/season participants cannot play at BAR OLYMPICS.  Wanna play in one of these epic events?  Then play some SFAC sports!

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Why is it so cheap?
We get this question way more than we ever thought we would!  While we realize our prices are “cheap,” we like to think they are just a great value for an awesome experience.  We reward our members for registering early and for playing multiple sports.  We don’t reward people for procrastinating or registering late.  When you become immersed in SFAC culture, and you make new friends and grow your social circles, you will realize SFAC is one Hell of a bargain!

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Why is it so expensive?
Everything is relative in life.  In our opinion, anyone that thinks SFAC is “too expensive” is simply bad at math and doesn’t understand basic financial concepts.  If $69 is out of your budget, you honestly shouldn’t be playing social sports.  We don’t mean to be offensive, but pick up another job to earn more income if you legitimately don’t have $69.  It’s more typical that someone doesn’t want to spend money rather than doesn’t have the money.  Your real priorities are based on how you actually spend your disposable income.  If you’re drinking $8 of coffee each week (we know we all drink WAY more than that), but “don’t have the money to play,” you simply like coffee more than you like playing social sports and having awesome nights with great people.  It’s perfectly fine, we all make our own choices.

Here are the real finances behind whether or not you can afford to play in SFAC.  Do you have an extra $8 a week at the end of each week?  If you can afford to save $8 a week, then you can afford an SFAC sport.  Save $8 a week for 8 weeks and then register for a sport.  Make a “Super Fun Jar” like a piggy bank and fund your future Super Fun life.  Once you get involved, we guarantee you’ll find the money to play again in the future.  It’s all about priorities.  It’s that simple.

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I registered late. Do I still get a shirt?
While we understand that collecting SFAC shirts is totally a thing, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get a shirt if you register past the registration deadline.  Definitely want to get a shirt?  Register early!  Once registration deadlines pass, we finalize rosters, make schedules and order shirts.  Every single shirt we order is accounted for.  So if you register after we order shirts, you’re not guaranteed to get one.  We do our best, but please just register on time!

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What is a full rainbow duck?
When you first start playing in SFAC, you are considered a duckling.  When you receive your first shirt, you officially become “Super Fun.”  Because SFAC is so ridiculously fun, it does become very addictive!  We also heavily discount multi-sport players.  We make it easy and affordable for players to play many nights of the week.  As you start to collect different colored SFAC shirts, you become a duck.  When you finally have amassed a collection of at least 7 different colors of league issued SFAC shirts, you are a Full Rainbow Duck!  You can wear a clean SFAC shirt every day of the week to let everyone know that you are indeed Super Fun!

Every once in awhile, on rare occasions, we encounter Double Rainbow Ducks!  It’s a rare sight, but when you meet a DRD, you should become friends with them immediately because they are extremely fun and definitely love to party and get silly!

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I see SFAC sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies and hats everywhere. How do I get my hands on SFAC Swag?
Great question!  We used to sell SFAC Swag online but it proved to be way too much to keep up with!  The best way to find out what we have in stock is to ask Quack The Duck or somebody running the league you’re playing in!  SFAC Swag is designed to be 2 things 1) extremely comfortable 2) Super Fun!  Let everyone know just how Super Fun you are!

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Do you do corporate or private parties?
Yes, we absolutely do!  And we do quite a few of them!  While many corporate parties are cookie cutter, when you hire SFAC the fun factor goes through the roof!  We will have your employees and co-workers talking about “that night” for quite some time.  Need us to come to you and run the party at your facility?  No problem!  We have a Super Fun van that can transport games to almost anywhere in Southern New England.  On top of our game selection, we also have portable commercial black lights so we can turn almost any room into a GLOW In The Dark party!  GLOW parties are some of our most popular parties.  Don’t have room at your place?  No worries, we have relationships with multiple venues throughout the area.  Want your party catered?  We have relationships with several excellent and affordable catering companies as well!  When it comes to Super Fun parties, we’ve got you covered.  Turn the keys over to SFAC, kick up your feet, and let us make your party rock!