The Super Fun Activities Club’s first official event!!!

Quack the Duck, SFAC’s Activities Coordinator, got together a group of his friends for a day of fun.  When planning the event, Quack decided to have everyone arrive 3 and a half hours early to play Cornhole, Kan Jam, Ladder Golf and enjoy beverages before the start time.  Who tailgates an athletic event that they are about to participate in?  SFAC, that’s who!  Why?  Because it’s Fun.  Super Fun.

There were 8 Super Fun members that participated in the WIPEOUT Run with obstacles like the Giant Balls, The Sweeper, and Happy Endings.  After getting set up and starting the party with a Little Hug Chug, Quack started talking to runners as they went by the tailgate.  Many of the runners stopped to sign up for SFAC’s mailing list and also threw a few Cornhole bean bags.  Quack also discovered that the runners hadn’t gone through any obstacles but had run just over a mile at that point.  Armed with this information, Quack took a poll and SFAC decided to skip the first mile of the 5K, jump the rope and get started from there.  That’s just how SFAC rolls.  At our start time, we jumped the rope and off we went.  We jogged about 75 yards to the first obstacle.  Well played SFAC.  Well played.

WIPEOUT Run - Foxboro, MA

Nick and Mike having FUN

After tackling the first obstacle with a full head of steam, SFAC jogged to the second obstacle, the Giant Red Balls.  Quack deemed the Giant Red Balls to be physically impossible for a human to successfully complete.  Fortunately for him, he’s a duck.  And he can fly.  And talk.  Mike Giles proved Quack wrong as he was the only SFAC member to successfully make it across the Giant Red Balls.

That was the end of the running for SFAC.  From that point on, we walked to most of the obstacles and even stopped back at the tailgate for a “pick me up” as SFAC All-Star Will put it.  SFAC successfully made it through the rest of the WIPEOUT obstacles without any injuries.  #SUCCESS

After completing the course, SFAC got back to their vehicles, unpacked all the games and kept the party going.  Partying until after the sun went down, Quack deemed SFAC’s first official event a Super Fun Success.

Thank you to everyone that made WIPEOUT an awesome first event!

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