What are DUCK BUCKS?

DUCK BUCKS are credits that can be used toward registering for seasons of SFAC sports.

How can I earn DUCK BUCKS?

You can earn DUCK BUCKS by referring friends to join you in SFAC.  When a brand new player registers for the first time, they have a field asking them who referred them.  If they enter your email in that field, then you (the referring player) get 10 DUCK BUCKS added to your account.

When you register for your first league ever, you also get 10 DUCK BUCKS added to your own account.  Those DUCK BUCKS can be used toward your next season/sport with SFAC!

SFAC is giving away 20 DUCK BUCKS every time a new player registers as a result of a referral!

*Please note you ONLY get your referral DUCK BUCKS if the new player enters your email during the initial registration process.  We are not manually updating DUCK BUCKS after the fact.  Make sure new players enter the email address that is associated with your SFAC account!

I’ve already played in SFAC before, do I still get 10 DUCK BUCKS for my next sport?

Absolutely!  They are already in your account ready to be used!  At SFAC, we always do what is fair!