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Ultimate Frisbee

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

SFAC Ultimate FrisbeeUltimate Frisbee

SFAC Ultimate Frisbee is For Fun People Only!  If you care too much or argue or are a general pain in the ass, please go play somewhere else.  If you want to get some healthy exercise and social interaction, then welcome!  This is a recreational league.  Always keep that in mind.  Play hard.  Play fair.  Be a good sport and make some new friends on the field.

Ultimate Frisbee Rosters:

  • Consist of 10 or more players
  • Play is Co-ed

Ultimate Frisbee League Play Format:

  • 7 vs 7
  • Players of any gender are welcomed on the field at all times

-5 minute Penalty Box.  If you are being an argumentative jackass and causing any social disruption (ie arguing, being a general pain in the ass) you will sit out for 5 minutes.  It’ll give you some time to cool down and think about the proper perspective.  Just keep it fun!

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