Kan Jam

Rhode Island

SFAC hosts Rhode Island Kan Jam tournaments!!!

Kan Jam is also a regular event in SFAC’s own Winter Summer Games!!!

Registration for Rhode Island Kan Jam coming SOON!!!

Sign up with a partner, with an entire team, or as an individual.

Rhode Island Kan Jam Overview

Teams are comprised of 10 players.  Rosters must have a minimum of 12 players and no more than 20.  A minimum of 3 females must be present for each game.  Five Kan Jam sets are spaced out and five games are going on at once.  Eac
h team is comprised of 5 pairs of 2 players.   Round one is complete when all five games have been finished or 10 minutes have elapsed.  After 10 minutes, whichever team is winning is declared the winner for that round.  At the completion of each round, one team shifts down to the next set of Kan Jams and plays their new opponents.  The match is complete after 5 rounds (25 individual games).  Substitutions are only allowed in between rounds.