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Monday Indoor Dodgeball – 2024 Summer

SFAC Dodgeball Rhode Island

If you registered and don’t know what team you’re on, please check your email (AND YOUR SPAM FOLDER!).  We will email out the rosters the day before the league starts.  If one player signed up for multiple players, only the registering player will receive the email (unless everyone’s email was listed).

SFAC has their own set of dodgeball rules.  Our rules encourage sportsmanship, fair play, competition and most of all, fun!  SFAC dodgeball rules are very similar to traditional schoolyard rules.  We are also entirely based on honesty.  If you cheat, please please please go play somewhere else.  You won’t fit in with us.  We all abide by the honor system.  Other leagues will just love to have you if you’re a cheater or you inexplicably haven’t matured since you were 13!  It’s just a game 🙂

  • Register as an individual and be placed on a random team.
  • Register an an individual and request to be on an existing team (mention the team name or team captain’s name).
  • Register as a small group and get combined with others to form a team.  Enter your friend(s)’s name(s) during registration and you’ll be paired with them.
  • If you have an entire team, email us about registering in one transaction at a discounted rate.

We will email out rosters and post the schedule the day before the season begins.  Please DO NOT contact us asking what team you are on and when it starts!  We’re working on it, we promise 🙂  Please DO tell your friends about it and invite them to join you!

Dodgeball League Play Format:

  • 10v10
  • There are no gender requirements.  We welcome everyone on the courts!
  • Round robin format.  Get a variety of opponents every night!

SFAC reserves the right to add players to team rosters.

All registrations are final sales.  There are no refunds given under any circumstance.

Season Details

Player Cost:
Team Cost:
$550 (for 10 players, $55/player for additional players)

Registration Deadline:

Pawtucket YMCA
20 Summer Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860


Game Days: Mondays
Start Date: 7/8
End Date: 8/19
Game Times: 8:30 – 9:30 (subject to change based on # of teams)