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Thursday Night Dodgeball – Spring 2018

SFAC Thursday Night Dodgeball Providence RI

SFAC has their own set of dodgeball rules.  Our rules encourage sportsmanship, fair play, competition and most of all, fun!  SFAC dodgeball rules are very similar to traditional schoolyard rules.  We are also entirely based on honesty.  If you cheat, please please please go play somewhere else.  You won’t fit in with us.  We all abide by the honor system.  Other leagues will just love to have you if you’re a cheater or way too competitive!

  • Register as an individual and be placed on a random team.
  • Register an an individual and request to be on an existing team (mention the team name or team captain’s name).
  • Register as a small group and get combined with others to form a team.  Enter your friend(s)’s name(s) during registration and you’ll be paired with them.
  • If you have an entire team, email us about registering in one transaction at a discounted rate.

The season starts with a GLOW Dodgeball Party on Thursday April 12th!!!  This is a bonus night for the first 50 people that register.  You get to play GLOW Dodgeball for FREE if you’re one of first 50!!!  The GLOW Party is not a part of the regular season.  Teams are finalized after GLOW.  So come GLOW with us and meet some new people!

Please note that SFAC uses soft foam dodgeballs that do not hurt.  There is absolutely no need to be worried about getting hit in the face because we do NOT use the inflatable red balls from high school gym class.  Our dodgeballs are specifically designed for dodgeball and allow for high speed throws with soft impact.

Dodgeball League Play Format:

  • Up to 15 vs. 15
  • Both genders are welcomed on the court at all times
  • 4 minute games (max) or until one entire dodgeball team is eliminated
  • First team to 6 wins is declared the winner
  • Play time lasts for ONE HOUR (not 45 minutes)
  • After a winner is determined, the court is All In.  Continue to play on the same team, or switch teams.  We play multiple variations of Super Fun Dodgeball every night.  Have fun with it.  Make some new friends, not just the people on your team.


All registrations are final sales.  There are no refunds given under any circumstance.

Season Details

Player Cost:

Registration Deadline:
April 13

Pawtucket YMCA
20 Summer Street
Pawtucket, RI

Status: Now Registering
Game Days: Thursdays
Start Date: April 12
End Date:
 June 14
Games: 6:45 – TBD