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Wednesday Night Softball – Fall 2018

SFAC Softball Rhode Island

League Information

Read this BEFORE you register:

This league is For Fun People Only!  If you care too much or try too hard, please go play somewhere else.  If you are delusional enough to think the outcome of adult softball matters in life, take your awesome softball skills to another league.  You will not fit in with SFAC.

SFAC has their own set of softball rules.  Our rules encourage sportsmanship, competition and most of all, fun!  SFAC softball rules make it feel much more like you’re at a party where there happens to be something resembling softball is going on.

The season starts on Weds July 11th.  We will email out rosters and post the schedule the day before the season begins.  Please DO NOT contact us asking what team you are on and when it starts!  We’re working on it, we promise 🙂  Please DO tell your friends about it and invite them to join you!

Softball Rosters:

  • Rosters are co-ed and should consist of 15 or more players
  • 11 players play on the field

Softball League Play Format:

  • 11 vs. 11 (unless otherwise specified by a Shenaniganinning rule)
  • Players of both genders are welcomed on the field at all times

All registrations are final sales.  There are no refunds given under any circumstance.

Season Details

Registration Cost:


Registration Deadline:
August 31

Max Read Field
540 Pleasant Street
Pawtucket, RI

Status: Now Registering
Game Days: Wednesdays
Start Date: Sept 5
End Date: Oct 24
Games: 6:45 – TBD