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Friday Night Kickball – Fall 2017

SFAC Volleyball Rhode Island

League Information

SFAC has their own set of kickball rules.  Our rules encourage sportsmanship, competition and most of all, fun!

While on the kickball court, we understand that people try their hardest to win, but we also remind all of our kickball competitors that our kickball leagues are a form of exercise, networking, socializing and fun.  Cheating or poor sportsmanship are absolutely not tolerated and have no place in SFAC.  If you have a tendency to bend the rules, leave it at the door and come have kickball fun in an honest setting.  If cheating is at the core of who you are as a person, there are plenty of other kickball leagues that would love to have you!

Kickball League Play Format:

  • Roster size:  15
  • Teams are Co-ed
  • Games last for an hour
  • Team with the higher score wins ????

Season Details

Registration Cost:

Max Read Field
540 Pleasant Street
Pawtucket, RI

Status: Now Registering
Game Days: Fridays at 6:45pm
Start Date: September 15
End Date: November 3


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